How can you offer a refund for the porn I buy?

We have a relationship with select porn websites (only the best, and highest quality) where if we send customers to these popular porn sites, then they give us a commission.  Then we share a piece of the commission with you!

How much of a porn refund will I receive?

It depends on which site you sign up for, typically the amount refunded is $5. Which is more than most trial sign up costs, which means that in many cases you can get access to the websites for FREE or it is possible with some sites to GET PAID to sign up for certain websites!!  That is an incredible deal! 

For a complete list of websites we offer refunds for and how much you can receieve as a refund.  Please consult the site list here.


With which websites are you offering a porn refund?

Right now we are working with the biggest and best porn website producer in the business – RealityKings.com.  We will be adding more sites over time.  Please check HERE for the latest additions to our list of sites we offer refunds for.


How do I get a porn refund?

YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE SITES VIA THE LINKS ON THIS SITE! Signing up for the porn sites in any other manner other than through the links and ads on this site will not give us the proper credit and therefore you will not be entitled to a porn refund.

For detailed instructions on how to obtain a porn refund are available here!

 How will I receive my porn refund?

Currently the only supported method for obtaining your porn refund is via PayPal.  Please be sure to include your paypal email address when requesting your porn refund!

When will I receive my porn refund?

Once we receive your email requesting the porn refund, we verify with the porn site that you have paid for your membership and we verify that you signed up for the porn site via the links on this website, then you will usually receive your porn refund within 24-48 hours.

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